Manifest S01E08

2 months ago

  • Ben and Grace allow Cal to return to school with Olive assisting Cal. After getting a "don't lose him" calling, Michaela and Jared respond to a situation Harvey, a flight 828 passenger, jumps off a building after claiming he is the "Angel of Death." At school, Cal reconnects with his friends who are now 5 1/2 years older, and his presence sparks old memories among them. Vance contacts Ben and they agree to work together. They have Fiona visit her contacts at UDS and plant a bug in Laurence Belson's office. While grocery shopping, Grace meets Lourdes and notices a fertility kit in her shopping cart. Grace tells Michaela, who then discovers with Jared that three people Harvey interacted with are dead from unlikely accidents. Michaela gets the "don't lose him" calling again. Ben secretly borrows his boss's work ID to get to research where UDS may have moved the passengers. Meanwhile, Vance uses NSA resources to track phones that have been in known UDS areas. Together, they narrow the search to a private. The Singularity project staff prepares to work on Marko again, and Cal senses it.

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