Manifest S01E11

4 weeks ago

  • In flashbacks, Captain Bill Daly and co-pilot Amuta fly Flight 828 through an unexpected storm. In 2018, Vance accuses him of questionable decisions. In the present, Bill tells Ben how he has been blamed for what happened to Flight 828 and the event separated him from his family. Michaela contacts Amuta, who supports Bill's claim but has returned to Jamaica. Bill and Ben meet with a meteorologist, Roger Mencin, who suspected dark lightning contributed to Flight 828 vanishing, but he was coerced into silence before he could share his views publicly. Director Jansen prompts Autumn to visit Michaela, who is watching Cal. Believing he can prove he was not at fault for Flight 828, Bill abducts Fiona, whom he believes was involved in the conspiracy. Bill flies a stolen airplane and Fiona into another dark lightning storm. The Air National Guard claims the airplane was shot down, but the media reports no wreckage was recovered. Meanwhile, Michaela learns Roger died in a suspicious boating accident and suspects Autumn overheard a conversation about him. Grace discovers Cal is missing.

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