Manifest S01E12

4 weeks ago

  • Ben returns home to find Grace called the police about Cal's disappearance. Michaela apprehends Autumn and meets Ben. Jared tells the police Cal is at his grandfather’s house and the search is ended. Finding a clue left behind by Cal, Ben and Grace try to find him in Tannersville, New York. Director Jansen learns Autumn is in police custody and informs the Major, who cancels the warrants so the police cannot hold her. Michaela learns that Autumn’s daughter was adopted before flight 828 returned and the Major had promised to reunite them. Michaela locates the daughter and Autumn tells the Major’s men, who were also looking for Cal, to go in the wrong direction. Ben and Grace follow Cal's clues to a remote cabin. They reunite with Cal, who left home by himself to help a man at the cabin. Shortly after, a hiker named Zeke collapses at the cabin door. Michaela arrives and recognizes him from her last calling. He tells them he took shelter in a cave during a blizzard two weeks earlier, in December 2017. Ben informs him that it is currently December 2018. Meanwhile, the Major moves into a New York apartment.

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