Manifest S01E13

3 weeks ago

  • Zeke is not ready to return to his life, prompting Michaela to stay with him, while Ben and Grace take Cal home. As they settle back, a brick is thrown through their front window with Ben discovering a large red X painted on their front door. While getting supplies for Zeke, Michaela learns about Chloe, Zeke’s younger sister who had died earlier in the same area. Jared ultimately connects the Stone’s broken window to Calvin Webber, who runs a conspiracy website about Flight 828 passengers. Ben confronts Calvin unknowing that his threats are being live-streamed as the police had arrived during that time. At the police station, Jared forwards a warning to Ben from his bosses. If he retaliates against Calvin again, neither he or Michaela can help him. Michaela and Zeke follow a calling to Chloe's memorial, where they build a cairn to pay respect. Meanwhile, Saanvi tells Ben that Zeke has the same blood marker they do, based on the sample he brought her. As she leaves her research lab, she too finds a large red X painted on her lab door. Grace and Ben begin to reconcile. Michaela and Zeke find a painting of two people under three stars, just as dark lightning forms in the sky.

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