Manifest S01E14

4 weeks ago

  • Michela invites Zeke to stay at her apartment, who then has a calling about a black wolf, which is also experienced by Cal. Saanvi is asked to treat the cancer-stricken husband of a desperate woman named Alice Ciccone, a member of the "Church of the Returned", who believe Flight 828 passengers can perform miracles. When Saanvi cannot help the man, Alice forces her to continue at gunpoint. Ben believes something has happened to Saanvi, locating a church pamphlet Alice dropped in Saanvi's office. Michaela admits to her affair with Jared to Lourdes. Ben and Michela head to Alice’s house, where they find and rescue Saanvi. Adrian, the leader of the Church of the Returned and a Flight 828 passenger, admits to Ben that he does not believe what he is preaching and he scolds him for what Alice did. Director Jansen reports seeing Ben during a church meeting to the Major. Michela visits Lourdes only to find she has left Jared. Cal draws Zeke’s calling, showing the wolf with Michaela. A getaway van from a robbery is pulled from the East River three days after it crashed, which Michaela is assigned to investigate. When she opens the door, the driver James Griffin lunges at her, gasping for air.

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