Manifest S01E15

4 weeks ago

  • In a flashback, James Griffin kills two guards and his two accomplices during a robbery. In the present, James is taken to the hospital where Saanvi works after he is pulled from his getaway van. Griffin has a calling about a bomb threat which is overheard by Michaela, Jared, Ben, and Zeke, but he is sedated before they can learn more. Saanvi finds the blood marker in Griffin, and they realize he and his van were missing for 82 hours and 8 minutes. This was given a negative comment by Calvin Webber. Michaela explains the callings to Griffin, who then decides to offer what he knows to the FBI in exchange for a reduced sentence. Meanwhile, Saanvi develops PTSD symptoms in response to the incident with Alice. Zeke is arrested while trying to break into a townhouse, which he tells Michaela belongs to his mom. The FBI grants Griffin immunity for the murders committed during the robbery and they defuse a bomb in Midtown Manhattan using information he gives them. Afterwards, Michaela has another vision of the black wolf.

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