Manifest S01E16

4 weeks ago

  • Griffin is released from police custody. Michaela, Ben, Saanvi, and Zeke all hear a calling to “Stop him”. Suspicious of Zeke, Jared asks fellow officer Tony Diaz to follow him. Diaz sees Zeke purchase something in an alley. Michaela and Ben confront Griffin moments before he is about to reveal the callings on a TV talk show. Zeke is planning to shoot and kill Griffin to obey the calling. Suddenly, Griffin spews a massive amount of water, essentially dry drowning on a dry sidewalk. Olive and Ben calculate that Griffin died eighty-two hours and eight minutes after he returned – the same period of time he was gone. Ben calculates the Flight 828 passengers will all die on June 2, 2024, with Cal confirming he had a vision of their deaths. Grace tells Ben she is pregnant, but with Danny most likely being the father. Dr. Matthews recommends a therapist to Saanvi for her PTSD, but the therapist turns out to be the Major. Jared confronts Zeke in Michaela's apartment, believing Zeke bought drugs in the alley. When Zeke reveals he actually bought a gun, Jared and Zeke engage in a fight. As Michaela returns to her apartment, the fight triggers a gunshot fired off camera.

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