E03 A Man Alone

4 weeks ago

  • Odo has become worried at the number of new people arriving at the station due to the newly discovered Bajoran wormhole. While talking with Quark in his bar, Odo observes a man he recognizes and demands he leave the station. The man refuses and the two get into a fight that is broken up by Sisko. Odo explains to Sisko that the man is Ibudan, a smuggler of goods to Bajorans during the Cardassian Occupation. Though considered a hero by some, Odo states that Ibudan let a young girl die when her parents could not afford the smuggled goods, and later killed a Cardassian officer. He has since gone free after the end of the Occupation. Sisko warns Odo that he cannot take action against Ibudan without any evidence of a crime being committed.

    Category : Season 1

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