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  • After having a meal with Dr. Bashir, Lt. Dax is abducted by a group of aliens while walking back to her quarters. Dr. Bashir comes across the group and alerts Commander Sisko that she has been taken. The aliens nearly escape with her on their ship, having sabotaged Deep Space Nine's tractor beam, but the Deep Space Nine crew is able to reestablish the tractor beam and prevent the ship from leaving.
    Back on the station, one of the abductors, Ilon Tandro, accuses Dax—the Dax symbiont, then in the body of Curzon Dax—of murdering his father, Ardelon Tandro, a famous military hero from Klaestron IV; he wants to punish Jadzia Dax for the crime. His claim is based on the fact that during a civil war a coded message informed the opposing side of his father's location, and of the people who knew the location, Curzon was the only one without an alibi.

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