E09 Move Along Home

4 weeks ago

  • Deep Space Nine has the distinction of making first contact with a Gamma Quadrant species known as the Wadi. However, the Wadi show no interest in formalities and head straight to Quark's. The Ferengi initially sees the Wadi as a potential source of great profit, but when the Wadi master Dabo and go on a winning streak, Quark has one of his waiters rig the game. The Wadi catch him and force Quark to play "an honest game" called Chula.
    Meanwhile, Commander Sisko, Dr. Bashir, Major Kira, and Lt. Dax find themselves in an abstract, dream-like world. One of the Wadi appears and cheerfully yells, "Move along, move along home!" They are faced with several puzzles, including a simple yet alien version of the human game Hopscotch. As Quark continues to play the game, Odo finds the four senior officers missing, and Quark comes to realize that they are part of the game he is playing.

    Category : Season 1

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