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  • During a business transaction between unscrupulous bar operator Quark and a pair of Miradorn twins, a visitor from the Gamma Quadrant, Croden, attempts to steal a valuable item. Odo intercedes, but not before one of the twins is killed. Odo takes Croden into custody, while the remaining twin, Ah-kel, vows vengeance.
    Croden makes several comments to Odo regarding Changelings. This piques Odo's interest, as he has never encountered another shape-shifter. Croden claims there were once shape-shifters on his homeworld, who were persecuted and driven off the planet. He claims to know of a place where they still exist, and tried to tempt Odo by offering to bring him to this colony. Odo is dubious of Croden's stories until Croden shows him a necklace with a stone that changes shape. Dr. Bashir examines it and tells Odo that, given its composition, it could be distantly related to Odo.

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