E16 The Forsaken

3 weeks ago

  • Deep Space Nine is host to a delegation of Federation ambassadors and Sisko gives Bashir the "honor" of welcoming them to the station. While Bashir struggles to please the other three dignitaries, Ambassador Lwaxana Troi exclaims that someone has stolen her brooch. Odo apprehends the thief, and Lwaxana is instantly infatuated with the Constable.
    Later, Lwaxana comes to Odo’s office to flirt with him. Odo is uncomfortable with her attention, and escapes on a pretext. In Sisko's office, Odo asks for advice on how to deal with Lwaxana's aggressive behavior, but Sisko is amused and offers no help.
    Meanwhile, a mysterious probe-like vessel comes through the Wormhole. Dax and O'Brien attempt to analyze it, downloading its software to Deep Space Nine.

    Category : Season 1

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