E17 Dramatis Personae

3 weeks ago

  • Major Kira believes a Valerian ship docked at the station is smuggling weapons to the Cardassians, but Commander Sisko refuses to detain the vessel without evidence. Before they can resolve their conflict, a damaged Klingon vessel arrives through the Wormhole. One of its crew transports aboard Deep Space Nine as the ship explodes. The bloodied man whispers, "Victory!" and dies within seconds.
    While investigating the explosion, Constable Odo suffers a seizure and collapses. When he awakens in the Infirmary, Dr. Bashir hints deviously at potential trouble between Kira and Sisko. By now, Kira has found evidence of foul play among the Valerians, and informs Sisko of her intention to confiscate their cargo; he forbids her from doing so.

    Category : Season 1

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