S02 E04 Invasive Procedures

3 weeks ago

  • During a plasma storm, Deep Space Nine is evacuated, with only a skeleton crew remaining behind to maintain the station until the event passes. Posing as a cargo transport in distress, an unjoined Trill, a pair of hired Klingon mercenaries and a former prostitute named Mareel, board the station and overpower the crew. Kira tries to take Mareel by surprise, but Mareel beats her in the fight. The Trill, Verad, once applied to be "joined" and was rejected; now he wants the Dax symbiont. After restraining the shapeshifting Constable Odo in a container and taking the rest of the crew hostage, he forces Dr. Bashir to transfer the symbiont into his body. Without her symbiont, Jadzia will die within hours.

    Category : Season 2

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