S02 E08 Necessary Evil

3 weeks ago

  • A Bajoran woman, Vaatrick Pallra, hires Quark to retrieve a strongbox from her late husband's shop on Deep Space Nine. Quark opens it to find a list of Bajoran names. A stranger, Trazko, sneaks up, shoots Quark and steals the list. As Dr. Bashir tries to revive Quark, Rom tells Odo about the list of names, and that the box was hidden in the shop during the Cardassian Occupation.
    In a flashback, five years earlier, Odo is solicited by Gul Dukat to investigate a murder on behalf of the Cardassian regime. Odo interrogates Vaatrick Pallra, the deceased's widow. She claims her husband had been having an affair with Kira Nerys. When he interviews Kira, she says that there was no intimate relationship between her and Vaatrick, and that she was interviewing for a job at Quark's at the time of the murder.

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