Manifest S01E05

2 months ago

  • Flashbacks show how Grace, Olive, Jared, Lourdes, and Steve coped during the day when Flight 828 went missing. Jared's cover-up following the incident causes him to be docked 10 days pay thanks to Robert Vance. Ben and Cal go to Coney Island where Cal suddenly leads Ben to Thomas while quoting "it's all connected" which Ben has been hearing in his head. Bethany is picked up by the NSA to talk about the "John Doe" she snuck into the United States while her wife helps Thomas escape to a cabin in the mountains. After advice from her father, Michaela goes to speak to Jared at a bar. Ben and Cal learn from Bethany's wife Georgia that she got picked up by the NSA. Michaela learns from Ben about Cal not hearing voices like they do but still having abilities that manifest in a different way, causing Ben to dedicate himself to figuring the mystery out. In the final scene, a flashback shows Cal looking out the window while the passengers of Flight 828 are asleep as he sees something glowing outside and a voice stating that "it's all connected," the words that have begun haunting Ben.

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