Manifest S01E06

2 months ago

  • When Cal develops an unexplained fever and begins speaking Bulgarian, Ben connects his condition to Marko Valeriev, a Bulgarian passenger on flight 828 who has not been seen since leaving the hangar. He and Michaela review footage from the night the plane landed and see passengers loaded onto five buses, but only four arrived at their intended destination. The fifth bus contained eleven passengers who were foreign nationals, had no next of kin, or were otherwise individuals no one would report as missing. The buses were contracted by Unified Dynamic Systems (UDS), a large corporation involved in many industries. After getting some information from a translator, Michaela locates a farm where UDS is experimenting on the eleven passengers, but she and Jared are chased away by armed men. Ben confronts Vance about the missing passengers, believing the NSA is behind their disappearance and threatens to tell the press. Although Vance has dossiers on the eleven passengers showing they are accounted for, he leads a team to investigate the farm location. UDS has moved locations, but Vance finds a bloody bandage that was left behind by accident. When the experiments on Marko are stopped for the move, Cal recovers.

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