Manifest S01E07

2 months ago

  • Suspicious about Unified Dynamic Systems, Ben takes a low-level job at UDS's accounting firm, J. P. Williamson. Browsing their records, he finds information about fellow passenger Fiona Clarke. Michaela and Jared later respond to a crime scene where a young man's uncle was killed by a robber. The nephew, Carlos, is reluctant to identify the culprit. Ben and Saanvi meet Fiona, who informs them about the Singularity project and her work with mirror neurons. Ben downloads information on UDS at J. P. Williamson, but he is caught by Vance and surrenders the flash drive. Michaela convinces Carlos to cooperate, and they catch the culprit in the act of another attack. Later, Michaela learns that Carlos received Evie's heart in a transplant. Vance tells Powell that Ben did not have the downloaded information.

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